Shameless Plug: Teaching Tools

A Young Child Experiences: Activities for Teaching and Learning

This is a great activity book for parents/homeschoolers and teachers alike. I came into possession of it when my parents moved from my childhood home a few years ago. My mom actually used it when I was a little girl, although I have no recollection of said use. Although the dated cover produces skepticism at first glance, a closer inspection reveals a myriad of treasures. Compiled by four authors, this book presents itself in a handbook format. The premise: A child learns through what he/she experiences. It seeks to aid the teacher by instructing in such aspects as child development, creating an environment for learning, and fostering creativity in children. This book is not just for teachers, however, but also for parents who wish to enable their beloved kidlets to increased creativity, self expression and cooperative play, all under the umbrella of experiential learning. While this book is no longer in production, it can be purchased through half.com
There are tons of great craft and activity ideas as well as templates in the back for use with some activities.

One segment I particularly appreciated was a suggestion to keep a community resources file. Names, addresses and phone numbers to senior centers, firehouses, parks and rec, etc. would be included to provide a resource to both parent and teacher. What an amazing idea-a child benefiting through experiencing their community!


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