Altered Paint Can

I made these last night in anticipation of the fall season and baking goodies to give away to friends. This is one of my favorite packaging ideas-paint cans! It's not a new concept. The web is riddled with altered paint cans. And I can see why! They make perfect containers for baked goods or yummy treats (like kettle corn).

Here's how:
-gather supplies: 1 small paint can (purchased at home depot for $2.38). 1 piece of 12x12 craft paper. (the actual circumference is 14 inches. I added a scrap to close the two inch gap.) patterned paper works best to hide imperfections or goofs. Paper cutter or scissors (I used a rotary cutter). Adhesive (I used Kuyuko Dot Roller-permanent).

- cut paper to 2cm past 4 1/2 inches by 12 inches (not sure of the exact measurements I sort eyeballed it! Cut filler paper for gap. Apply adhesive liberally to back and adhere to can, pressing down firmly and rolling out any bubbles as you go. Viola! I used a the circle cutter from creative memories to cut the paper for the top (but scissors will work too!).

Once I had all my supplies, this was fast to put together. The possibilities are endless! Use for birthdays, Christmas, etc. The large ones come with a handle and would make the perfect candy holder for trick-or-treating! *tip* apply magnet strips to inside of lid. When the lid is not in use store it on the bottom of your tin!

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