The Anti-Nature Walk: A Suburban Mom's Guide to "Making It Work"

Serendipitous Moment-A beautiful California sunset

I have been reading many posts from my mom blog daily readings that have featured Nature Walks. I am envious of the girls over at Maya Made who get to stroll through tall grass and many other moms who are making adorable checklists with their wee ones with leaves, etc. Here in beautiful Southern California, such landscapes and treasures are hard to come by (although not absent, it often requires a trip by car).

So, in an effort to make our family walk time more fun and to curb (yes, pun intended) the need to run in the middle of the street, I decided we should play "I see the color....." and see where the kidlets find inspiration. Let me tell you, some of their choices came from the most entertaining places! I See the Color is also a great rainy day activity to play around the house.

"I see the color...red!"
"I see the color...orange!" (This was my pick, our neighbors orange tree.)

"I see the color...yellow!" (note: the endcaps to the hydrant make great drums!)

"I see the color...green!" (note: the anti-nature walk might include nature and can be a tactile experience. This green ground cover was "bumpy" according to Little Man)

"I see the color...blue!" (Yes, that is a trailer in someone's driveway...)


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