A Chance To Be Crafty

[ Cupcake Card]

I finally found some time today to make some handmade cards. I have been wanting to do this for awhile, but alas there have been so many obstacles in my way. For me, paper crafting and more specifically making cards is a tension reliever, a form of escape. It helps me to focus all of my energy on one task and thereby tune everything else out. I love all forms of paper crafting, but making cards holds a special place in my heart (It might have something to do with the idea that I get to give my hard work away as a gift). I have not always been crafty. In fact, growing up with a mother who was extremely talented as a crafter, I always put craftiness on the back burner (she was crafty enough for us both!). I never felt less than for not pursuing handmade things, but I also had no desire to pursue it to the level I do now. Maybe my inner craftiness had not yet been realized; Was I waiting for that perfect medium...paper?

Christmas was always my mother's favorite holiday to craft around. She would create a veritable winter wonderland with her hands. She made wreaths and garlands and decorated trees and used glass and light in a way that, well, the memory of it still takes my breath away.
She once told me that to be good at crafting you not only have to have a good eye, but also a steady hand. That was an encouraging piece of advice. Basically it means a good craft or handmade item is 50% idea and 50% execution. While this gets all my perfectionist sensibilities all worked up, i have learned in recent years that even imperfection can still bless someone.
When I do anything that remotely requires craftiness, my desire is to act immediately. In other words, if I have a great idea for a card, I must go to my local paper store and buy my supplies, and get my hands moving. It absolutely drives me nuts not to be able to do such things (for when you have little ones, trips to the specialty paper store are limited).


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