Easiest BBQ Beef Ever

This is so easy peasy, you will love it! It comes from my dear friend Alicia

Slow Cooker BBQ Beef


1 slab chuck roast (around $12-16 depending on how many pounds/people you want to fees!)
2 regular size BBQ sauce bottles-any variety. (I love KC Masterpiece)
that's it!!!!!

Turn slow cooker on LOW for 10 hours.
Place chuck roast in slow cooker and put on lid.
DO NOT add water, or any other liquid
go about your day.
when ready to serve, shred beef with fork inside cooker.
add BBQ sauce.
let warm for 5 minutes
serve on buns or rolls

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  1. I do this recipe all of the time which I got from Alicia too, but she doesn't know it. Rachel passed it on to me =).