Fireproof Your Marriage

Coach and I spent a wonderful evening last night together. We went to see the movie Fireproof, for our date night. What a wonderful movie! I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Married or not, this movie has something for all who see it. I don't want to give away the plot line, so I won't say too much more...Only that is has helped renew my marriage and helped me to see more clearly how I can be a good wife to Coach (We can all work on being better wives, can't we?).

Here is my start. I was inspired by my cousin Michelle at Little Moments to write Coach a message on the mirror so he would wake to see he is loved:

"Good Morning My love, I love you and I am praying for you. Love, Michelle

Here's what he wrote below my message:

"I love you more."



  1. How great that our blogs are able to be used as a source of encouragement and give one another ideas for our husbands and children!!!

  2. We watched it last night. It was a very good movie and made us both want to work on our good marriage and make it better and stronger!