"How Am I Doing?" Chart

Here's a simple discipline tool you can use with your little one. Create a simple chart using the supplies listed below.

Ask your child, in the morning, what kind of day they want to have: Green=Happy (obedient), Yellow=So-So (warning), Red=Sad (disobedient).

When they tell you "Happy"(assuming they will), place the green happy face in the square. During your day, as your child is either being obedient, or needs a warning, etc. you place the appropriate circle in the square.

Now, I realize this may not work for all children. Some could care less about circles and happy faces. However, there are those children for whom this project works like a charm and would do "anything" not to get a red sad face in their square. You can also adapt this idea, by associating a reward or discipline with each happy or sad faces. Ideally, every child should start and end their day with a happy smiling face, both on and off the chart, but this is not always the case in real life. Just a tool I thought I would pass along to you to help you along life's journey with children!

You'll need:

~Small white posterboard,
~Construction paper/cardstock in red, yellow, green,
~Black sharpie
~velcro dots (adhere to undersides of circles)

**This is an idea from our churches children's ministry program and is for personal use only.

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  1. I think I'm going to use this. I got a treasure box for Abby awhile ago, and I haven't come up with a good system yet for managing/implementing it. The chore and heart charts we have are just being ignored (mostly by me cuz I forget). This is so simple. I think it just might work. Should have thought of it myself as I used this kind of system in my classroom! :) Thanks for the reminder!