Muffin Tin Monday- Circles, Squares, and Cylinders-Oh My!

Clockwise Left to Right: English Muffin topped w/ cheese, circle skittles, carrot stick cylinders, ranch dip, squares cheezits, turkey roll up cylinders.

I reeeeeeally struggled with this one only because I wanted to have more variety and I wanted it to be unique and well, it didn't have either of those!

Go over and see what everyone came up with at Sycamore Stirrings


  1. I struggled also! Same problem, way overthinking the shapes theme, I was trying to think of unique ways. The problem with food, it's well, food.

  2. hey michelle, how did your kids like the english muffin with cheese?

  3. my daughter ate the cheese off the top and left the muffin. My son, loves anything with cheese and bread!