No Need for the Sunday Paper

This weeks readings are so great! Some are older posts that I stumbled upon after enjoying these blogs and some are more recent additions. In any case, these are bookmarked in my favorites and ready for my Sunday morning *virtual* paper read!

Meg at Muses of Megret has a fantastic post about Preschool/Toddler Activity Bags! This is post is full of valuable information for us mommies of 2-5 year olds.

Julie K in Taiwan has a great tutorial for sound shakers!

Lindsey at Imperfect has a great post about a carnival party she threw for her son. So cute and clever!

Just Something I Made is a new blog I found just in the last two days and she is full of wonderful things! She has a great technique for wandering hands in this post. It's a must read!

happy reading!

I am extending Saturday's Giveaway deadline to Monday at 11:59pm, so if you haven't already emailed me and want one of those mini pitchers, shoot me a note at vistamommy(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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