Shameless Plug: Product Series-Lil' Topper

Today's Shameless Plug is the Lil' Topper. What is the Lil' Topper you ask? It's a universal lid that screws on to water bottles, juice bottles, even Gatorade bottles to make it easier for little mouths and little hands to navigate! They are readily available at neatkidstuff.com, and in store at The Right Start and Babies R' Us in the travel feeding section. We used them camping this summer and we use them in the car just about every day. They are wonderful! The pack I bought from BRU comes with three lids-yellow, blue, and red. Each color corresponds to a different manufacturer's size. The red lid works with wider mouth lids like gatorade and juice (this lid is actually called the sprout spout and is packaged at BRU with the Lil' Topper, although I think sold differently online). The packaging includes a list of the "makes and models" so to speak that work with Lil' Topper and Sprout Spout.

What's Great: They are spill-proof, versatile, and kid friendly. They are small and will fit in any diaper bag, clutch, or backpack. I actually carry them in my purse just in case I forget the kids bag! I also love that I no longer have to worry about taking a sippy everywhere. I just grab a bottle of water and go!

What's Not Great: Make sure you screw them on evenly and tightly, otherwise there will be spilling! Also, because they are small, they might have a tendancy to get lost.

We have used the blue lid most often, as it connects to the Kirkland Signature water bottle from Costco. My kids love them and I can let them drink from a water bottle or juice bottle without worrying they will pour it out in the back seat! I bought two sets, since I have two kids and they run about $6.99 (for one set of three different lids) So, go on, give 'em a try and tell me what you think!


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  1. Yay!! Thank you... I love your site. So glad I found it... and the pitcher is just a little bonus.. lol!!