From The Archives: Make A Difference & Lead By Example

As parents, we are sometimes oblivious to the example we set for our children. Often times this point rears its ugly head when our children repeat a word (said by you) they should not say at the most embarrassing moment; like Christmas Dinner with your dear Aunt Betty sitting two chairs down. I truly madly deeply desire for my children not only to come to know God, but also have a core value system that reflects that knowledge of God. I want them to see integrity, honesty, and love emulated at home so that when they go to school, they have a foundation from which to draw upon during those moments when a tough choice needs to be made. I want them to have a love for others, their country, for the widow, the orphan, and the homeless. I want them to treasure the gift of creation and yet always be looking toward heaven. I want them to know what a healthly marriage looks like.

But it's not enough to just want those things.

How am I putting my words to the test? What kind of example am I setting for my children? What are my expectations of them? Do I need to adjust my value system in order to be teaching my children the right things? Are my words matching my actions?

Something to ponder today (or tonight).....


  1. Thanks Michelle! I have to often stop and think of the way that I'm acting and what the children see. I wish it just came naturally for me. It takes alot of hard work to be like God. It's easy to be like the world. But the rewards for our hard work, will be so worth it.

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