Simple Painting

Little tubes of paint cost 50 cents to 1 dollar at Wal-mart and yet, they provide so much creativity and fun for the kidlets! I made a pallet of paint for each child out of my stash of paints and then chose something basic to paint ( egg cartons that would later turn into caterpillars). This project was less about what we were painting and more about how we were painting. Both kidlets were very interested in their pallet of paints and then how the colors adhered to their egg cartons. What was more fascinating for my boy was how all the colors on his pallet mixed together to create one color-in his case brown! My daughter was very careful not to let any of her colors mix together and was very patient in her process of dip, paint, rinse,etc. In fact her colors stayed prisitne on her pallet until she saw her brother gleefully making a mess!
Here are a few photos:
(the pallet of paints)my daughter, not wanting any of her colors to get messy

Mixing the paints...
(of special note is the already brown water in my sons cup!)


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