Stay Away from the Blue

photo by roujo

So. If I had one piece of advice to doll out today it would to "Stay away from the blue!" Last April I accidentally parked in a handicapped spot while dropping off books at the library. I can go into all the sad excuses why this happened, but I'd much rather talk about the consequences of said misfortune. The ticket was $421 dollars! I guess they are serious when they say "Don't park here." While paying my ticket (which I am so thankful does not reflect on my license), I spoke with the code enforcement officer at the city office. She gave me a few tips.

1) Disabled parking violations are among the highest fines in any given city (especially here in So Cal). As such, there is no forgiveness in the amount of the fine.
2) Parking in the diagonal striped area next to the HC space is also a $421 fine (it's the loading area, which is also needed by disabled persons).
3)NEVER EVER park half way in the loading zone and the HC space. This would result in a double fine for a total of $882.
4) If you feel that you are unable to pay to total amount at said time of ticket, cities are more than willing to accommodate you and put you on a payment plan, but you must come to the office and speak with someone in person. This is what I did, and it was really helpful!

The code enforcement officer said that she doesn't even park in a spot next to the HC spot just for fear of a fine! After my experience....I will never ever be parking in a handicapped spot again (with out a placard)! Never. Ever. I learned my lesson the hard way.



  2. I have a story about handicapped parking...I met my hubby in court! You can read the Boston Globe Newspaper Article here.

    Loved visiting your blog! I'll be back!