Thanks to Our Crafts-N-Things for this idea! It was easy and a joy to do. What a beautiful result! The kids had fun laying down the tissue paper and making their designs! Did I mention how easy this craft is?

First Gather your suppiles: Clear Con-tact paper, scissors, tissue paper in various colors

Cut two lengths of Con-tact paper (my favorite!) Cut out shapes from various colors of tissue paper. Peel back the paper layer of Con-tact sheet to reveal the sticky side. Place sheet on table STICKY SIDE UP. Start placing tissue paper on your sticky template.
Once your child is finished creating his/her masterpiece, peel back paper layer on the other piece of Con-tact paper. Place on top of the other sheet, joining the two sheets together, sticky sides together! Cut around the perimeter to seal the paper together. OR, Cut shapes out of your masterpiece like the circle we cut below:

Use scotch tape to adhere to a window that gathers lots of sunlight and Viola! A beautiful Suncatcher!


  1. Okay. I've gotta get me some of that Con-tact paper. What a fun idea! You could even have seasonal paper or seasonally colored paper, doing one of these "stained glass windows" for each season. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!

  2. so; i read your blog and feel so guilty for not being as creative and wonderful as you with my own kids! It's hard with older kids because they're at school all day now, but I still have keira (4)! I usually find myself drowning in laundry of a family of five, taking and picking up from school, and "trying" to cook! *sigh*

  3. Okay. We did it!! Yay. Look for a post on it sometime tomorrow. It was so much fun!! We made fall leaves out of them! :) Thanks for the fun inspiration!