When Your Neighbor Hands You Lemons...Make Lemonade

photo courtesy of -nicole-

Our neighbor next door, Vincent, has an overflowing lemon tree. On our walks, we stroll by, admiring the plentiful bounty. And although I am well accustomed to the value of fruit trees (even had a little lemon tree outside our apartment when we lived in Whittier) I have never made fresh lemonade. Until now! When we admired his fruitful harvest today, he gladly gave us free reign of the pickings anytime we want! Woohoo! We picked several choice lemons and walked away with a huge bag full! To celebrate this gift, we made this recipe for fresh squeezed lemonade from Mahalo. Mahalo's recipe is excellent, coach and kidlet approved. Fall is almost upon us, so the chances to sit a sip an ice cold lemonade will be few and far between in the coming months...this was a last hurrah of sorts! Maybe tomorrow we may try lemon cheesecake pie.


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