10 Miscellaneous Tips for Crafting (and Scrapbooking)

photo by cchiao

1. To sharpen your craft punches, punch out aluminum foil. It works just like sharpening a knife...metal sharpening metal. :)

2. To condition your punches, punch out waxed paper.

3. Store those scrapbooks vertically on a shelf instead of on your coffee table. It's not as convenient for browsing those beloved family photos, but in the long run it's better for the life of the scrapbook (and photos). When it comes to scrapbooks, three things are it's enemy: air, dust/lint particles, and light (all contribute to the deterioration of photographs).

4. When searching for that perfect scrapbook make sure the pages and cover are not only acid free, but lignin free. Lignin is the ingredient that causes newspapers to yellow so quickly (and it's lignin content is under 10%!!). If you are not sure, contact the company directly or scour the Internet for the correct facts!

5. I'm not a fan of having multiple copies of something. However, a few years ago when we got a new computer, I had not backed up some photos on CD and they were completely lost from the hard drive (My son's whole first year! :( ). Luckily, I had put together a web album to all my favorites to send to family and was able to order a CD of just the ones I had lost.

6. A good rule of thumb in protecting your photos from accidental erasure is to not delete them from your camera before you copy them to CD. A stack of CD-R's from Costco is a worthwhile investment and they can hold an enormous amount of photos on each disk. If you have all your digital photos on disk, in an emergency you can just grab the disks!

7. Always store crafting/journaling pens horizontally. This is most effective in prolonging the life of the pen. I know it seems like the correct answer is cap facing down;Its not. The ink dries up faster when stored vertically.

8. Premium quality cardstock paper is premium for a reason. When you shop for paper at your local scrapbooking store, you really are getting the quality you are paying for. Mega chain craft stores (like Michael's and Joann's here on the west coast) charge way too much for a lesser quality product. That being said I never pass up 4 12x12 pieces for $1 (Michael's) or 6 for 96 cents (Joann's)!!! I use premium cardstock for certain things, not-so-premium for others.

9. Crafting with children is more about the process than about the finished product. If you don't enjoy being crafty, pick something pre-made or simple with a small amount of steps and products involved (that's why I love simple painting so much-it's just paint, and the kids love it!). If you want to try something more involved, have a friend bring her kids over and do it together (or if he's home, get your husband in on the fun!).

10. If you have special crafts/projects that your children have made, I cannot stress enough to write directly on it somewhere the date and name of the child. If they drew a "self-portrait" with their legs coming straight out of their head where the ears should be-write "Kya, age 3, first self-portrait" so later you can have a good laugh together at her mad skillz!

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  1. I love all of your tips. It's got me excited to sit down and work on Braeden's baby scrap book. I guess I better get cracking, since I'll soon need to be starting one for baby #2
    : )