Marshmallow Shooter (with Tutorial)

Kiddio's Month of Boycraft has ended, but that doesn't mean that Boycrafts (and the search for them) can't continue! We made these marshmallow shooters one session of MOPS as a part of mothering boys talk. What a cheap and easy way to have some fun! And don't think that girls can't get into this, because well, I have a blast playing with my kids!

My resource for a "how to" was Mahalo, and ultimately Ultimate Camp Resource.
My resource for purchaing supplies and cutting the pipe was Lowe's
Supplies Need:

1/2 inch PVC pipe cut into lengths:

(2) 9 inch pieces
(2) 7 inch pieces
(2) 4 inch pieces
(2) 2 inch pieces
(1) 3 inch piece
(2) 90 degree elbows
(2) T's
(2) end caps

(1) bag of mini marshmallow ammo (not pictured)

***have your local hardware or big box home improvement store cut your pipe to the above lengths. PVC pipe comes in 10 foot lengths so you will have some left over. The PVC came to a total cost of $4.99 (supplies to make 2 guns). Mini mallows came to $1.50. (We were able to take recycling "rainy day" money and

***assemble your pipes to make the Marshmallow Shooter. This is the time to get your child involved...depending on their age, they may need your assistance (under 8 years old I am thinking, but it's different for each child).

***To shoot your gun, load the mini mallow in the upper "barrel". (It's okay if it falls down the chamber). place mouth on barrel and blow with gusto!

***IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Do not inhale with your mouth over the barrel as this could cause you to inhale and possbly choke on the mini mallow. The chances are slim, but it's important to be aware. Also, for this reason, NEVER leave a young child unattended with a marshmallow shooter and NEVER give it to a child under 3 years of age.

Have Fun! (Action shots coming soon!)

Tip: shooting at a target makes clean up of the mallows a lot easier!


  1. Wow, you crazy fun Mama you! What a cool idea!!

  2. Hi
    I love this tutorial, thanks for sharing! I just linked you to a post I did over at HowDoesShe.com.

  3. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Marshmallows don't kill people. People kill people.