My Coke Rewards

(actual photo of my bottle caps!)

I received a box full of bottle caps today from the man at the recycling center! Now, to some this may seem like trash. Ah, but to a knowledgeable few, Coca-Cola bottle caps represent an abundant treasure! The program is called My Coke Rewards and is not just limited to Coke, but includes all it's affiliate drinks like Dasani bottled water, Minute Maid juices and drinks, and Sprite! So, think twice about throwing away that 12 pack box (they have rewards codes too). To redeem your reward code, you must sign up on their site for a free account. Everyday you can enter up to ten codes. Prizes are plentiful and here are some examples:

- Blockbuster Movie rentals
-AMC movie tickets
-Picture Calender from Kodak Gallery
-Magazine Subscriptions
- Numerous Sweepstakes

I got so very lucky today with the gift of over 75 bottle caps from the recycling guy (and he still had some left to give away to other would be recyclers)...It paid two-fold to go green today!

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