"Orange" You Glad It's Muffin Tin Monday?

(Clockwise from top left) orange colored ranch dip, pumpkin shaped cheese slices, orange flavored yogurt with sprinkles, candy corn, fish crackers, baby carrots.

My little ones are 4 and 3 years old (15 months apart) and I stayed away from anything too spooky for this tin. Pumpkins and Candy Corn is as far as I went. There were a TON of awesome and adorable ideas out there. Maybe when the kids are older and they think a little less concretely.
Case in point: a few days ago as we were leaving the house my daughter was moving at a slow pace when we needed to be hurrying. I said "Kya, we need to kick it into gear." She looked at me, perplexed. "Kick? Kick what? I thought we aren't supposed to kick."

So we stuck with orange! And it went over very well!


***Sycamore Stirrings has graciously handed over the reigns of Muffin Tin Monday to me. I am excited and thrilled to take on this wonderful task! BIttersweet however, because Katy was a fabulous host. When she gets her computer up and running in Luxembourg, I can't wait to see how she has set up that adorable pink house!!!


  1. Love the orange theme, I'm a sucker for it! Looks yummy.

  2. Love it! My husband called me this morning to tell me that someone he does not like got fired and he was pretty happy about it. Anyway. My daughter (5) asked what I was so excited about and I said someone at daddy's work got fired. She got this horrid look on her face and asked why? Then I had to explain that there wasn't real fire. I told her they made him quit. Kids...

  3. Love the orange idea! That's what I should have done... I tried to squeeze in my Muffin Tin Monday this morning for breakfast, but all I came up with were pumpkin shaped English muffins with peanut butter and a little sprinkle of orange sugar and pumpkin shaped orange slices. I didn't want to get too spooky, either.

  4. Love your muffin tin, and the "kick it story"!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Great Muffin Tin!! I hear you are our new hostess for MTM!!! How exciting!! Can't wait to see more of your tins!!

    ~ Kellie ~

  6. I hear that you are the new host of Muffin Tin Monday. I'm looking forward to participating again. We posted our first this week and loved it:)