Pumpkin Yogurt Pops

Here in Southern California, at this time of year, popsicles still satisfy. And these adorable Pumpkin Pops are no exception! The idea is the same whether you are using a traditional muffin tin or one shaped liked a pumpkin: fill the tin with your favorite flavored yogurt (or pudding), freeze and in about 1 hour, you have homemade popsicles!

Here's exactly how did our pumpkin themed ones:

Gather your supplies:

-Pumpkin Shaped Muffin Tin (or small paper cups work fine too!)
-Popsicle Sticks (I use the large size-the stand up better in the freezer!)
-Vanilla Yogurt (with orange [red & yellow] food coloring- but any flavor will do)

**Drop spoonfuls of yogurt into each section of the tin.
**Add food coloring and stir if so desired. (We enjoyed the swirling effect our pops had from stirring the food coloring directly in the tin!)
**Cut the popsicle stick in half. Place a half in each yogurt filled section
**Place tin in freezer for 1 hour.
**When ready to serve, run a toothpick (or tip of butter knife) around he edge of each section to loosen the pop. Be gentle and try not to break off the popsicle stick! :)
**Eat and Enjoy!

Tips: As I ran the toothpick around the edge of the tin, I cupped my hand on the bottom to warm it up and help with the loosening.
Get creative with colors and flavors. Last week we made the same pops sing strawberry flavored yogurt and yellow food coloring-same orangey-wonderful result with a strawberry flavor! Would be great with mashed banana or other pureed fruits!

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