Repurposed Plastic

I'm not interested in keeping a lot of unnecessary junk around (ironically this is something I struggle with!). However, for a time, if there is something that will entertain my kids and is good for the environment, then, well, wonderful! Case in point is my new found purpose for those itty bitty travel shampoo bottles! They make great squirt toys for the kids at bath time. I spent zero dollars and the kids think they are great (they can shoot a long way-so watch out!).


  1. Love this idea... Would also work for pool toys with summer coming up. The bigger sizes would make a great alternatives to water guns- something I'm not thrilled about my children being interested in but seem essential to summer :0/

  2. Awesome idea! Also perfect for pool toys with summer coming quickly. The bigger sizes would be a good alternative to water guns of which I'm not a fan.