My Cancer Story Featured

My cancer story was featured at I Kicked Cancer's Ass and Get The Bean Fights Cancer. Meaghan is an inspiring woman who fights the good fight for us all with her blog and coffee company - Get The Bean. She is a cervical cancer survivor and runs a "fellow fighters" series in which I am featured. So, stop by and have a look to read my story and those of many other including Meaghan. Portions of the proceeds from Get The Bean coffee are donated to cancer research- learn more at Get The Bean Fights Cancer

Thanks again Meaghan for all that you do!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Thank you also for sharing your muffin tin ideas. I am going to borrow the idea of the Scrabble letters. I am a teacher, and think the sorting/matching of the letters would be fun for my kiddos.