Crazy Googlie Socks

(photo courtesy of my good friend Alicia)

Here is a sure fire way to inspire giggles, grins and the all around sillies with your kids: Make a pair of Crazy Socks!

What you will need:

*1 pair of (super long) socks (We used size 4-10 girls for our 5 year old- they were super big, but it worked!). Those pictured were found in the girls sock section at Wal-mart, but can work for both boys and girls! For extra craziness, make sure they go up past the knees!

*Assortment of Googlie eyes and pom poms (You will need A LOT!)

*Glue Gun/tacky craft glue

*Paper sandwich or grocery bags (not pictured)

*A case of the "sillies"


1. Stuff each sock with bunched up paper bags. I used the sandwich size and used about 3 bags per sock. This is to provide a "form" for adhering the googlie eyes and pom-poms (so the hot glue does not seep through).

2. Adhere the pom-poms and googlie eyes with the glue gun. Use tacky glue for super small googlie eyes, so as not to burn those fingers! Tacky glue might work if you do not have a glue gun (although mine was purchased for $2.50 at Wal-mart if you want to invest in one!)

3. Once glue has dried and cooled, remove the paper bags and they are ready to wear!

4. Wearing your Crazy Googlie Socks, do a crazy dance to a silly song in the middle of your living room!!

(Please note, these socks have not been tested for long term wear or washing...care for these at your risk! :) )


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Those are hilarious! What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is something that I know my girls will LOVE! They have a googly eye obsession right now.