Homemade Gift - A Family of Peg Dolls

I finally have some photos of the Peg Dolls I made for my daughter. I also made Superhero Peg People for my son. As with the Superhero version, these are not intended for children under 3 years old!

The Peg Family

Grandma and Grandpa Peg come over for a visit

Mr. and Mrs. Peg are discussing where to take the kids on the next family vacation...

To make your own Peg Dolls you'll need:

~pre-made peg dolls that come in a 2 pack from Michael's Arts and crafts (or your local craft store like Hobby Lobby- they only coast $1.19 at Michael's!)
~Craft Paint (Acrylic- I used Apple Barrel brand)
~ Mod Podge (acts as a glue for your fabric "clothes" and as a sealer to prevent paint chipping)
~Scraps of fabric for clothes


Paint your dolls. (I painted in steps, base coat for head and face and I painted a coat on the body, let dry and then went back and added a few details)
Let dry.
Cut fabric to fit around dolls
Slather on a coat of Mod Podge
adhere fabric clothes and slather on another coat of Mod Podge glaze.
Let dry.

Presto! Your very own collection of mini pegs!


  1. Okay, I just love these so much. I just have a boy, but the fabric on them for their clothes is so adorable!

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Those are so great! Thanks again for sharing your tips. :~)

  3. My mom called me after she saw this post (I told her about you!) and asked if Mikayla would like these. Super cute and a gift idea we'll probably use for her next birthday or next Christmas.