MTM Schedule Update

Who had fun with the Family Heritage MTM theme? I did! I did!
Who had even more fun reading about everyone diverse family histories? Me! Me!
If you are wondering what the next theme will be, I am so sorry I am posting this late! I am trying to not do a theme every week, just so we all don't get burned out, and so there are enough themes to rotate throughout the year. But I could resist this next theme as I already have ideas and want to put them into action.
I have created a schedule of upcoming themes (look that way to my sidebar! ------------>) to keep you all up to date! Thanks Carol and Alicia for all of your suggestions!
THIS Monday's Theme: Fruits and Veggies, Dips and Spreads. If you can try and get them to me by Monday morning, that would be great-if not, that's okay too. I try and work on mine the week before, so I am ready to post by that Monday.


  1. Great themes! This is so much fun!

  2. I am ahead of myself for once...

    also, I am having a giveaway, if you or your crafty readers are interested...