Muffin Tin Monday - Foods Your Kids are Thankful For

Muffin Tin Monday is a weekly blog gathering (here at HCO) of mommies who serve one meal a week (or more:) ) in a muffin tin! We post submissions every Monday and enjoy sharing and encouraging each other as parents. You can be as basic or as detailed as you want!

Welcome back to Muffin Tin Monday ladies! How was your weekend? I hope it was fun! We have to week off here at the Sybert Household, including coach, so there should be lots of fun to post about later in the week! I was hoping that this weeks tin might NOT be entirely made up of mac 'n cheese....And shockingly, when I asked what were their favorite foods-mac 'n cheese did not come up! Makes me wonder why they ask for it so much! The winners were fruit, cereal, pizza, and ice cream. Ice cream would have to wait till later and I threw in some chicken for good measure (it's their favorite meat!)

(Clockwise, from top left: cantelope, red grapes, honeydew melon, cold pizza bites, cubed chicken , trix cereal)

If you are new to Muffin Tin Monday, then welcome, we are so glad you decided to join us! We hope you will have fun sharing your tin and perusing all of the other mama's submissions! If you want to submit your tin to be among the list of muffin tin mamas you see here, just comment (or email) on any one of my posts and include the URL to your post about your tin. If you don't have a blog, just upload a photo to the muffin tin meals group at Flickr and leave me a comment that it's there!

Happy Muffin Tin Monday!


  1. Hi. This is my first visit to your blog. You muffin tins are so cute! What a great idea for a blog carnival.

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving me some SITSa Love!! Those muffin tins are such a cute idea! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I just did my first Muffin Tin Monday post. ;-)

    My kids are really enjoying lunch this way & I'm having fun thinking of ideas of what to put on there for them. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Running a bit behind today - I just posted our tin!


  5. Here's my muffin tin post:


    Thanks! :)

  6. Anonymous4:25 PM

    We were at our friends' house today - so I've just posted our thankful tin here.

  7. Yeah - this was yummy! (at least for our silly family)


  8. p.s. - love your makeover!!!

  9. My muffin tin dinner is ready Michelle! Have a great week gals!

  10. here is mine, late due to a massive hangover!

  11. These tins have given me lots of great ideas to try out...let's hope my kids will call them their favorites, too!