Muffin Tin Monday

Bring me those tins ladies!!! How did you do this week? Is it still fun? I hope so! My kids still beg for it!!!

(Clockwise from top left: yogurt smootie, waffles, honeydew, grapes, toast with butter, granola.)

It's no secret...my camera stinks....And more than that, I know nothing of shutter speed, aperature, etc. So the only decent picture of my tin (one that is in focus) is shown above. I guess I need to take a photography class!

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Next Week bring your tins filled with foods from your heritage and/or recipes/foods passed down through your family. YOu can pick your family or do both you and your husband's together. If you really want to get into it, you can incorporate a little history lesson...
(email me if you are struggling!)

For example: My kid's family is swedish, Italian, and Irish...I will be making (or buying) swedish meatballs, Italian pasta, and something for Irish...It will be fun to do research!!! And pick my grandmas brain!



  1. Hey! I just posted my first Muffin Tin Monday post at http://mylittlecowboys.blogspot.com

    I just love this idea!! My kids loved it and I am looking forward to doing this each week!!


  2. I am getting into this now. We had our "muffin tin meal" as a pre-trick-or-treat treat on Friday.


    I am already excited about next week. I'll include the Cousins' ethnicities as well, so we will have some Irish, Russian, Puerto-Rican and German treats.

  3. I, too, just posted my first MTM post.

    Here's the link: http://miean.blogspot.com/2008/11/muffin-tin-monday.html

    My son actually ate most of it up (getting him to eat just some is a challenge). I'm already conjuring up ideas for this week's theme.

  4. I can't wait for next week's challenge!

    Our tin is up please come check it out:)

  5. Hello! I posted our Muffin Tin Monday. We are fairly new to this- trying it once before a few weeks ago.My kids requested it today. (thankfully there was no theme.) Since there is no Mr. Linky, I assumed you want us to just leave out post blog address here for you.
    Here was our lunch today! I hope to do pretty many of the themes. I love themes. I think a SNOW one in the Winter would be fun and I can't wait for the hearts of Valentines's Day! :0
    Here is my link today!
    Have a great day! Pray and vote tomorrow!
    In Christ's love,

  6. Try taking pictures without the flash...makes all the difference in the world. It helps to be by a bright window or something.
    :o) Rachel

  7. Ok I hope I did this right. I just posted our first try with Muffin Tin Mondays! I am at www.pgmscraps.blogspot.com
    Can't wait for next week!

  8. Thanks again for hosting these! Here's mine!

  9. Here's ours - your breakfast looks great!


  10. What a yummy looking breakfast!!

    I just posted a red, white and blue "tin" for election day! :)

  11. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I was reading your blog last night along with some of the other Moms doing this muffin tin idea. I think this is the coolest idea ever! What a wonderful way to the the children to eat what's put before them. Anyway I posted a recipe a few minutes ago on my blog that I think would work great for the muffin tin idea. Just wanted to let you all know so you could check it out. I have emailed several of my friends these links because they have small children and I just had to share this idea with them!!!

  12. Hello! My post is finally updated.