No Need for the Sunday Paper

Muffin Tin Monday will be hosted this week by Sandy at Just For Fun, so head over there with your MTM submissions!

This week's links:

Gardenymph has made a precious secret hide away for her wee ones. The concept is nothing new, but her interpretation is simply enchanting!

No Time for Flashcards
, celebrating thankfulness, has an adorable Photo Family Quilt made out of paper and pictures.

has some great toys and learning tools for children. Like these good citizenship flashcards - a clever way to teach and promote treating others with kindness. Check out some oftheir other things as well, they have lots of good stuff!

Coming Soon to Her Cup Overfloweth, a blog makeover by (the very talented) Leelou Custom Blog Design. Hop on over to check them out for yourself, they do great work!


There is no need for the Sunday paper today, indeed. Have you ever felt like you could care less about the newpaper or television news because your life had enough drama of it's own? That's how I have felt this week. It's been a hard week. Lots of goings on here and around my world; Things that, on the one hand, complicate life and on the other, boil it down to simplicity. I hope to share good new with you all tomorrow.


No scripture today....I need to attend to a family emergency. please be praying


  1. I hope everything's okay....

  2. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Hi! Thanks so much for the mention and for the kind words. :~)

    I hope everyone is okay.