Shameless Plug: Product Series-The Cut-N- Seal

(photo from The Pampered Chef)
The Cut-N-Seal is truly an amazing product! It makes homemade pocket sandwiches, identical to Smucker's "Uncrustables". The Cut-N-Seal is sold by Pampered Chef (I am in no way affiliated with The Pampered Chef and they are not a sponsor.) I wish I had bought this wonderful tool sooner, for it has made lunchtime (when we are not making muffin tin lunches) a breeze! If you have one, but are struggling with it (maybe you think it's not working properly...), then I encourage you to pull it out and heed the following tips:

*read the directions included with the tool
*use white bread ( I have used potato bread as well)
* use a rolling pin to flatten the bread before adding the filling
* use only a 1-1/1/2 tablespoons of filling
*freeze and save for an anytime snack!

filling ideas and recipes:
*pizza/marinara sauce and shredded mozarella
( I made these today...I shredded string cheese and micro'd for 15 sec.)
* shredded cheddar for a quickie Cheese Pocket (micro for 15 sec.)
*PB & J
*PB & Honey
* Chicken or Tuna Salad
*sweet and toasty pockets
*and many more!

My kids and I are getting "store-bought" ease out homemade goodness without the price!

They run about $9.00 and can be purchased through your local consultant or fromt he website directly.

do you have any Cut-N-Seal recipes? Please share and leave a comment!


  1. I have something similar to this that I use for many of the kds' sandwiches. It makes a circle then cuts it into two semi-circles. It doesn't "seal" it like this one, though. I really like your meal ideas with this. The pizza pocket sounds like fun! Thanks for the tips...I may have to check one of these out. I'm heading to a Pampered Chef party soon. Happy Friday!

  2. How much is this thing?! I've been using a round cookie cutter shape to make my son's round sandwiches, but it doesn't seal like this does. I've got to get one of these! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I too love the Cut n Seal! I am a consultant. I have a collection of recipes and ideas to use with the Cut n Seal. Email me at iamchef dot leighann at yahoo and I'll send it to you!