For Robyn: Thankful and Blogging About It

She is my greatest cheerleader, my biggest believer, my heart's champion-She is my step-mother. I usually never refer to her in such a way: step-mother. She is no step or half-way, almost, or only-on-the-weekends mother. No ma'am. She is much more. She is is my better-than-blood, I-chose-you, loved-you-as-if-I gave-birth-to-you mother. She is my mother, and if you know me and hear me talking about this amazing woman in my life-you know she is my mother in every way that eternally matters.

My mother, the one who gave birth to me, the one who passed away last February, made choices in her life that affected everyone (mostly related to her addiction issues) around her and left me a confused tween. My step-mother was able to pick up the pieces with such grace, such love, such patience. She taught me, very early on in our relationship what it meant to be beautiful, both inside and out. She continues to teach me with her words of love and encouragement.

There is so much to her-so much I want to share with you. She has made a difference on such a profound level, it is difficult to adequately describe. Part of what keeps me in awe of her is that she chose me-well, she chose my father-but by choosing him, she chose me too- and I am honored to be loved in such a way. Another thing that blows me away, is that she has been present at every one of my major life events. College? She helped me move into my dorm-spent hours helping me make it mine. Wedding? She helped me plan it-was there at the "aha!" moment when you find your wedding dress. Babies? She was there, holding my precious daughter in the crook of her arms and tenderly rubbing the tips of her fingers along her brows. Cancer? She was there-praising God with me for His mercy and grace. And she is still here-in the everydayness of it all-a phone call away- the one I call for recipes, parenting advice and Godly counsel.

I wish you all could meet her-this mother of mine. She is so special to me-she lights up a room with her smile and her eyes sparkle when she talks lovingly of my father. I am so thankful for her. I am more than thankful. Is there a word for more than thankful? How about indebted?

I am indebted to you, Robyn. Thank you for being my mom.

Is there someone in your life who could use a "more-than-thank-you" or "I love you". Tell them. If it's too hard, write it down. It is, after all, called "Thanksgiving" for a reason, so go on, give thanks to that person (s) who means so much to you.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to a woman who has done so much--makes me want to meet her.

  2. What a beautiful post:) She sounds like a great mom. You are truly blessed:)

  3. This makes me so thankful for the time spent in California during college, but makes me miss everyone!

  4. Beautiful post, Michelle. I love the new look too; my only teensy complaint is that I can't read the words very well anymore. Maybe if they were bigger or in black?? Am I the only one who's having trouble reading it?

  5. What sweet words of thanksgiving you have written for such an important person in your life! If I started to get choked up reading this, I can only imagine how Robyn was when reading this. :)

    Thanks for the reminder to stop and shout out our thanks for those ever present people in our lives.

  6. I loved this post and I love your blog. I'm not sure how I got here, but I will definitely be coming back.

    God bless...


  7. Michelle, You are a beautiful writer and a beloved sister. I miss you and am proud to be related to you. Thank you for these beautiful and heart-felt words.

    Your sister,


  8. What a wonderful tribute to Robyn, who I know to be a truly beautiful and loving soul. Way to go, Michelle: you couldn't have said it any better. Rick O