Dollar Store Craft: A Royal Chalice

Since I am getting such a good response on the Cinderella III DVD Giveaway, I thought this would be the perfect time to show you one of my plans for my daughter's princess party: Decorated Dollar Store Wine Glasses. Each of my daughter's "guests" will get their own "Royal Chalice".

(I went a little heavy on the ISO setting on my camera, so it's a little bright at the bottom)

Top View: That napkin is from my vintage linen collection

My materials included:

plastic wine glasses from the dollar store - 8 pk ($1.00)
adhesive gems from Michael's - enough to decorate 6 glasses ($1.99)
ribbon and cardstock (optional)
one set of 4 year old hands to assist (also optional :) )

I added the name cards because I thought it would be a great alternative to place cards and also keep parents and kidlets aware of who's cup was who's. These don't have to be for drinking either - the younger ages might enjoy sippies more, but you could fill these with party favors or snacks like chex or trail mix! Any ideas on how to translate this same concept for boys??

The winner fo the Cinderella III DVD will be anounced tomorrow night at 10pm, so check back then or saturday and just so you can be in the "know", I have another giveaway in the works!


  1. how cute can i borrow that for our pinkalicious cinderella party! even the boys would like that!

    thanks for your prayers for my friends baby!

  2. This is super cute! I think I will be tucking this idea away for when my daughter will want a princess party...I'm sure it's going to happen.

  3. So cute, what a clever idea! I love trying to come up with ideas like that. So much fun! :)

  4. So cute, my daughter would love me to make something like this for her party in Feb, thanks for the great idea!

  5. Hey Michelle,
    Just wanted to let you know that your feature is up and running today!
    Thanks again for letting me feature you!

    Take care,
    "Nana's Box"

  6. how much fun is this??? I can't wait to do theme parties for my son!

    thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

  7. Such cute glasses! Love them~ Now I'm thinking of a million excuses or holidays to make those!

  8. Such a cute idea! I'm having a princess birthday party this summer for my soon-to-be 3-year old. I really like the name tags!

  9. You could make them "King's Goblets" for boys. More jewel-toned gems, like red, purple, blue, etc. And for either you could also add glitter glue, especially if you decorate them at the beginning, to give it more time to dry. Or if you had some C-shaped things you could attach to the sides, you could make them like trophies. Paint them gold on the outside and then let the kids decorate their "racing trophies" for a CARS theme, or whatever.