Princess Birthday Party

Come January, our family will be celebrating my daughter's Fifth Birthday! It's hard to believe that she will be turning five, but the day will shortly be upon us!

I have already shared with you a few ideas:

Altered Burger King Birthday Crown


Royal Chalices

but I thought I would take a moment and share with you some more of the ideas I have brewing.


Pin the "Tiara" on the Princess - a variation on the traditional "pin the tail on the donkey".
Red Apple Hunt - Save Snow White from the Evil Queen by finding as many "poisoned apples" as you can!
Dress the Princess Relay: Have groups race to "dress the princess" (complete with dress, shoes, crown and jewels). This can be a party-goer or doll!
Princess Dress Up Photo Booth: the traditional photo booth with a princess twist! This is a great way to get a photo of all the party guests. PVC pipe and a sheet can make this one happen in no time!
How to Bow and Curtsy: taken from the show at Disneyland, this is a great way to build manners and etiquette into the moment!

Dollar store wands or crowns - a big crowd pleaser and easy on the pocket strings!
Coloring book/reading book - big with parents these days, a wonderful alternative to the "bag of trinkets" kids normally get

~Ways to include boys:

Make it a "Pirates and Princesses" Party where boys can dress up like pirates to get in on the fun
Make it a "Knights and Princesses" Party, where the boys can come as a "knight of the round table"

~Decor Ideas:

Large Appliance boxes painted to resemble a castle or painted with princes and the faces cut out to take photos in!
Traditional Decorations always work with the younger crowd - They pretty much could care less what the place looks like, as long as they are having fun!


  1. first off i want to say: thank you so much for your prayers it means alot to me!

    second i'm having a pinkalicious princess party for my LO's 3rd bday in march! how do you make the burger king crowns! i'm going have to visit burgerking till i get 6! thats alot of burger king!:)

  2. never mind clicked the link sorry not sure where my brain is today!

  3. Anonymous4:50 AM

    very cute!! I have 3 girls and we will probably do a joint birthday party. What wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. What fun ideas! I have all boys so no princess themes for us. Our birthday parties consist of CARS or Super Hero themes. It will be fun to read more as the big day gets closer.

    Also, thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday! It's always fun to have a new reader.

  5. Sounds much more exciting than a spongebob party! Congrats on your saucy blog!

  6. How cute! I wanted to stop by (I know I am late) to wish you a Happy SAUCY Week. Congratulations on being SAUCY!

  7. Hi, just came over from SITS.
    Your princess party sounds adorable, I'm sure all those little girls will love it.
    I just had to point out one thing though, for your red apple hunt, you have two different stories going on. Snow White has to be saved from the Evil Queen, Sleeping Beauty is saved from Malificent.
    I'm a nanny to a 3 yr old, we must read these stories at least once every day lol.

    Good luck with your party!

  8. You have such cool ideas! She's going to love her birthday!

  9. Saw you were a Saucy blog and am checking you out. I love the post with all the muffin tin foods! I am modifying the idea and using little tiny pyrex bowls since i have many of them. Kind of the same concept but different containers. I cant say I am as original with the cut out shapes though. Will try soon and see if it makes eating better.

  10. Hey there, I'm visiting from SITS! I love your Princess Party idea!!! My mom used to throw my sisters and me themed birthday parties when we were little and we still remember how fun they were! I'm sure your daughter will have some great memories from this :)

  11. Great ideas! I have 2 girls and this would be an awesome theme party!

  12. I'm sure your princess party will be a hit! We'll probably be doing one of these sometime in the future. Great ideas!