Shameless Plug: Product Series - The Nintendo Wii

I did not play video games. In fact, I might just have been the "anti-gamer". That is until we recieved the Wii gaming system for Christmas last year. It is by far the most user friendly (not to mention family friendly) gaming system I have ever come across (and believe me with an older brother and younger brother, I have seen 'em all!).

The Wii breaks the traditional game console mould. As ITP.net puts it:

"The Wii is all about physically controlling your game characters by moving around in front of your TV; this means you can forget about remembering button combinations and instead look forward to lurching around the room like a drunken dancer."

Indeed. I have fun. Every. Single. Time. I. Play.

But that honestly wouldn't be enough for me to recommend this to you. What I love the best is that my two little kidlets, ages 3 and 4, can play right along with Coach and me. My son is better at Virtual Bowling than I am (and he has the sure fire twist and turn move to prove it!). They offer games for all ages, so if more complicated is your style - they have that too. But so far, we like it simple. We got the Wii Fit board this year from my borther and sister-in-law and as a family we have all enjoyed the balance exercises ( head butting soccer balls anyone?) and aerobics (did you know that virtual hoola hooping works your hip flexors? Might have to try the real thing!) The Wii Fit has incurred some criticism, but I found this review very helpful and personally I love it. And that's what matters. What's more, the Wii will grow with our family and the children will not out grow it's concepts or skill level.

The Wii takes playability to a whole new level. It doesn't worry about insane HD quality graphics. Instead, with every swipe of the controller begs the question. "Are you having fun?"

I bleieve the Wii also promotes togetherness and activity by the very nature of it's design.

Bottom line: I recommend it. (but only as an added form of family togetherness, not to replace time spent away from the television)


  1. Hello. I found your website through someone else and enjoy reading your posts. We will hopefully in the future join you all for Muffin Tin Mondays too. Sounds and l@@ks exciting! :D

    I just wanted to comment about the Wii too. We just got it for our kids for Christmas this year. We wanted a gaming system that was more child friendly. We have the Play Station 3, but it's got a lot more teen/adult games and not recommended for kids...in my opinion. We LOVE LOVE the Wii. The kids have played bowling sooo many times and just love it. (It's embarrassing to admit this, but we've gotten beat by our 5 and 8 year old too many times to count. LOL.)

    Anyways, just wanted to chime in too and say Hi! :) Have a great day; Happy New Year.

  2. 'wii' love ours! :0) i want a wii fit but can't find it anywhere. and 'wii' use it as a 'family' thing. my husband and i haven't had this much laughs and fun in a long time!

  3. we got a Wii for Christmas and I'm loving it. Beat DH in a boxing match, lost to the kids in just about everything.... I'm a little bit too uncoordinated. MarioKart is hilarious. Am waiting for WiiFit in the next instalment :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. I totally agree (shhhh... don't tell my husband). I love that both my kids (almost three and six) can play it. And that we can play it with them and still have a good time.

    I have the wii fit... but haven't used it yet. My son used it once... but quickly returned to MarioKart :)

  5. I love to play!!! Did not think I would, but I am hooked. Happy New Year!!