Help Me & You Could Be Featured

I have A LOT of these yogurt cups leftover from lunchtime at my kids preschool. I have a few ideas on how to use them, but I thought I would enlist YOUR HELP!

Do you have any activities, crafts, or ideas on how to use them?

I will choose one of your ideas and feature it on my blog along with a link your blog!

I'm Praying for Tuesday....Are YOU?


  1. I am praying for Tuesday too!

  2. I'm thiking...and I've got the rest of the EcoEtsy team thinking too. Hopefully we'll have some great ideas for you soon!

  3. How about some of these ideas?
    -Drainage hole in the bottom => seed starter.
    -Cover the top with fabric and rubber band, fill with some beads => musical instruments
    -place 2 sets of matching coins, trinkets, etc. under bunches of these overturned and use as a memory game
    -put a lid with slit in top and use as a charity coin box/saving pennies
    -attach them somehow in a honeycomb pattern and hang vertical for storage. Tilted back cup shape will keep things from sliding out.

  4. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Ooh... there are lots of great ideas out there. When I saw the big stacks of cups, though, I thought that I would love to hot glue them all onto a board... to make one of those ping-pong ball toss games like you see at carnivals!

    The kids stand back a few feet & toss a ping pong ball, trying to get it into a cup - you could paint the rims different colors and aim for a certain color or write numbers in the bottom, toss two balls & find the total, play tic-tac-toe or connect-4 with the board, etc!

    Now I'm getting inspired, maybe I'll have to make one too!

  5. To make a collage you can fill them with buttons, paper, glitter, sequins, and bottle caps. You can put different colors of paint in them. You can put glue in them so they can glue with a paint brush or a q-tip.

  6. Well we don't have that many yogurt cups at home but we do have a TON of applesauce and fruit cups and I save them all! They are the perfect size for snacks of goldfish and dry cereal, especially when we are in the car then we can toss them when we get to our destination.

    I also use them at craft time for glue, paint, glitter, pom poms, sequins and anything else tiny that we don't rolling off the table.

    They are perfect at dinner time for dips for Maddie, even better if we are having gatherings at our house so Maddie can have her own dip to double-triple dip her veggies in.

    We did recently make an alien out of applesauce cups too that I just posted on my blog.

    I think we may add some rice/pasta/beans to one cup and glue another one on top to make an instrument!

  7. I am keeping Tuesday's family in my thoughts and prayers.

    This isn't very exciting, but I put a dab of paint in them when my daughter paints. This way she can have several different pots of colors to use.

  8. I have made huge modular lampshades out of paper cups before. I have
    not tried yogurt cups because the ones I end up collecting are of
    varying sizes. But if your are all the same brand, they should be the
    same size and that will work. You will need either an industrial
    strength stapler or better than that a drill to make little holes
    around the edges where the cup lips will meet. Using colorful plastic
    coated wire (like inside telephone wire) or zip ties would be a great
    way to keep the pieces together, tying the through the holes... The
    natural taper will cause the pieces to form a sphere. You would also
    probably need to build some support inside so the entire weight of the
    sphere did not have to depend on the structural integrity of a single
    cup. But then hang it with a compact fluorescent lightbulb inside and
    voila! Supercool recyled lamp!


  9. I used to work at a daycare. They used the yogurt cups for paint cups...that is about as creative as I can get :)

  10. hi- I tripped over this post while looking at one of your more recent and if it were me (which I am going to do myself) I would make an advent calendar with them. Hot glue them to some cardboard and fill with random goodies/ love notes to your kids/whatever, then glue tissue paper over the top with the days on it. :) easy peasy