Keep Our Earth Sparkling: Craft Activity

Inspired by our resused no-spill paint cups, we decided to do a project to make the most of this teachable moment about recycling. This project also doubles as a skill builder for preschoolers - painting inside the circle.
Gather Your Materials:
blank white paper
blue & green washable tempera paint
~Create the earth "template" by turning a bowl upside down and tracing a circle on the paper. ~Write "Keep Our Earth Sparkling" on the page.
~Paint the sea blue (if you want to emphasize skill building, encourage them to stay inside the earth's circle)
~Paint the earth green
~While still wet, sprinkle with a little glitter
~Let dry
Use this project to educate your kids about why we want to keep our earth sparkling and the benefits or recycling. Point out the kinds of things we can and cannot (not yet anyway) recycle. And maybe even let them walk a few items to the recycle bin!
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    excellant!!!! we love nature and earth day type crafts year round! my 8 yr old says mom everyday is earth day!