Kya's 5th Birthday "Day O' Fun"

For Kya's 5th Birthday, we decided a few weeks ago to, instead of a big party, with lots of friends and relatives, do two seperate days...celebrate on her bithday with a "day o' fun" and then a week later, a little sunday afternoon party with several of her girlfriends (in other words...the highly desired "princess party"). So this past monday, whilst recovering from this, Coach and I took Kya out for a day of 5 of her favorite things. She got a jump start the day before with Grandma and Grandpa - spending the night at their house is one of her very favorite things!

Here they are, the 5 faves, in no particular order:

1. A Night at Grandmas (trumped the Dollar Store)
2. Donuts for Breakfast
3. Pierced Ears
4. Boston Market
5. Ariel (represented in a new "not scratchy" version)

So here's how the morning started. And if you think she picked the pink one...You. Are. Right.

Next was ear piercing. My sweet little girl cried for a few minutes afterward, but over all braved it very well!

Boston Market was pretty uneventful and it turns out ALL Ariel dresses are scratchy, so she chose Cinderella instead.
This Sunday will be her little party with friends. I am keeping it very low key but still full of fun and very princessy.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! And those doughnuts look delicious.

  2. Happy Birthday to Kya, she's a doll! I like the small gathering idea! Last year, we did a similar thing with the family, then had a daytime small get together with a few of her friends and we got a hotel for my oldest with two of her girlfriends and they had the time of their life!

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    I LOVE the idea of letting her choose her fave 5!! I've gotta do that for my son's birthday!

  4. That is a really cool idea. I think I might do something similar for my son.. We just moved to Florida, so other than one set of Grandparents being here... there really isn't anyone to have a big party with. I was worried he would be disappointed. That might make it a bit more special. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Birthday Kya!

  5. Fun! My daughter will be 5 in May and we've decided not to do the big party thing either.

    It's just so expensive to have a party, plus it's not like she needs any more toys! LOL!

    Happy Birthday, Kya!

  6. I'm so glad Kya had a wonderful birthday. I love the idea of having her 5 favorite things on her birthday. It's sweet that staying at grandma and grandpa's is one of them.