Let's Dish: Jen Drury and No More Boring Cakes

Jen Drury and her family live in Vista,CA. I first "met" Jen after she realized we both live in Vista! It truly is a small world. I think Jen's cakes are adorable and wanted to share with you a little of her story and invite you to check out her business: No More Boring Cakes

Here is my Q and A Interview with Jen:

1) Tell us about yourself, your family and your business. How did No More Boring Cakes come about?

My name is Jen Drury. I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) to Eli, my 4 yr. old son and wife to my very supportive husband Kris. I am so grateful to do this type of work while still home with my son:)

I have over 6 years of cake decorating experience. The very first cake that I helped work on was a baby shower cake. I realized that not only was it lots of fun but I was also good at it! It seemed very natural. So I took one Wilton class at our local Michael's craft store and I was hooked! My first cakes that I created on my own were for my nephew's birthdays. They were sort of my guniea pigs, but of course they did not mind (as long as the cake was lemon flavored:) For many years I only did cakes for family and friends. Cakes were my gift on all ocassions.

In Januray 2008 I decided to give this whole Cake Decorating idea a go with the public. I have been very well recieved and have been steadily getting orders. This is an amazing job that allows me to attend to my first job as a SAHM. For this I am grateful, blessed and could not be more happy being able to stay home but still contribute to our household.

In August 2008, I have added a new edge to my cake making. I am now doing Cake Decorating Parties. This is a great idea for kids birthday parties (aren't you tired of the bowling alley, chuck e' cheeses, boomers, etc?) These parties are also available to adults that would like to know how to decorate cakes. Gather a group of friends and invite me to come to your home; I will bring ALL supplies and everyone will go home with their very own cake creation.

I enjoy making cakes that really make people take a second look to figure out if it is the real object or a cake. I think about cakes all the time, always wondering what I can create next. With each cake, it is like my very first; I still get excited, nervous and anxious.... but I LOVE it!!!

2)What is the biggest struggle as a mom with a business?

Making sure I don't get carried away with my business and in turn neglect my son or use the tv as a babysitter.

3) As a parent, what are some ways you foster activity/creativity with your son?

I was a preschool teacher prior to having my son and that has really helped me think about all the day to day activities a bit different. I try to make everything fun and a learning experience, as well as planned out crafts, etc.

4) Do you have any special traditions or activities you do with your family?

Not in particular.... Nothing that has stuck at least...:)

Thank you so much Jen for sharing a little about yourself and your business!

If you have a moment, stop on over to No More Boring Cakes and check Jen out!


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Thanks for this write-up! I appreciate it and of course appreciate your blog! Blessings, Jen Drury of No More Boring Cakes

  2. Those cakes are too cute! Wow!

  3. Those cakes are adorable! She is very talented:)

  4. That's cool. I live in CA also. But in Bakersfield (with a country accent). My grandparents live in Laguna Hills, so we're always done south.