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The Mother of All Link Lists: New Year's Resolutions Edition

Everyday Resolution: Find and create time to spend with God.

I am starting a blog for my daily walk with God. It's called This Little Light O' Mine. Come and as McMamma says "Follow me as I follow Him".

I thrive on systems and accountability (yes, I said the "A" word!), so I am hoping a blog might keep me on track.

Online Bible Resources:


Reading the Bible in One Year

Resolution 1: Have a more organized home.

With the help of FLYlady and FLYin' Annie

Resolution 1a: Have a more organized morning

I'm thinking of making some of these for morning time

This is a great article:
Suite 101 Article

Resolution 1b: Have a more organized mealtime

A Year of Crockpotting

Menu Plan Monday


My Menu Planner

Resolution 1c: Have a more organized (and clean) car

Two days ago I cleaned out our Mini-Van. The result: Way more trash than I thought and a new commitment to keeping my car clean!

Car Organizing Tips

Resolution 2: Increase strength, balance, and endurance in a healthy way
I have a built in accountability system where this one is concerned. Coach and I have been playing with the Wii Fit every night and We are also considering going on nightly walks with the kids (and as Summer gets closer, this will be easier.)

Make and Takes:
Heart Healthy Game for Kids

Spend less time in front of the TV: Introducing the TV Inhibitor

Resolution 3: Reinstate "date night" and make it a priority

This one will be more difficult as Coach has a very demanding schedule. But I am hoping to have date night at least twice a month to start off (we used to do it every week!)

100 Date Night Ideas

Investing in Your Marriage: Date Night Priorities

Resolution 4: Continue Blogging and Crafting and Being Inspired (also known as finding time for things I enjoy)

Darcy's Drawers

Stampin Mom (Yes, Jamie, you rock my socks off with your creativeness!)

Flipflops and Applesauce:
Cereal Box Puppet Theater

MoziEsme (Guest Post by Teaching Tiny Tots: Craft Recipes


  1. Wow! Thanks for linking me up. I hope that I'm able to continue to inspire! :-)

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    thanks for listing my craft recipes from my guest post on mozi emse

  3. Hello SITSta! Good luck on all your resolutions. Oh, and I love the year of crockpotting blog! I see you are in Vista....I spent lots of time there as a kid, my grandparents lived there!

  4. Great resolutions! We just got the wii fit for Christmas. Edwin's wii fit age was 45 and I made so much fun of him, but then mine was 45 too! How funny is that?! The walks with the kiddos is a great idea too.

  5. I'm slacking on my resolutions! I can relate to all of yours at one time or another. I have 4 kiddos and a couple of things for less chaotic mornings are making the lunches at night time and also setting the table at night for breakfast. We put placemats and bowls and even pour the cereal in the bowls, then all they need is the milk and they can grab their own fruit from our fruit drawer in the fridge. To keep the car as clean as we possbily can, every time I stop for gas the kids clean the car and get the trash out while it's pumping. Also the grocery store here where we do our big shopping, has trash cans next to where you put up the shopping carts, so I always park next to them so we can throw our trash away. Good luck with resolutions! I will probably join you for the Bible time.

  6. I love all of your ideas! I will have to follow your daily walk blog. I have thought of doing that as well.