Preschool Skill Builder: Water Bottle "Snow Globe"

Gather Your Materials:
Used Water Bottle
Glitter/Tinsel/Mylar Confetti
Small Object (able to fit through top of water bottle)
Glue Gun/Sealant for Top of bottle
Have your child fill an empty used water bottle with assorted glitter/ tinsel/ mylar confetti. Have them use their fingers to fill the bottle (or spooning it in works too)- this helps build their fine motor skills. Have them add the chosen small object (we used a little plastic bird from the wedding section at the Dollar Tree). Have them (or you-your choice!) fill the water bottle with water. Screw the cap on. And seal it with hot glue or another sealant to prevent your child from opening it accidentally. Shake it up for sparkly fun!
They can shake it up and "find" the small object through the glitter and confetti.
Other options include: adding baby oil to make a faux "lava lamp" and/or food coloring.


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    they are so fun to make if you want to slow the glitter down alittle add a tiny bit of corn syrup!

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    do you think pom pom balls would work?