Shoe Box Car Garage

Simple. Easy. Free. Three things I love and look for when it comes to crafts, activities and projects for the kids. This one in particular is great for boys.
Here's what you do: using utlity scissors or knife, cut out doors from the sides of an old shoe box. Flip the box over and you have an instant, free, and fun Car Garage for all those matchbox cars your son (and mine) hoards. Oh, and if you have two shoe boxes, you can make your garage double decker.


  1. Great idea! I love shoebox crafts.

  2. What a great, simple idea for many hours of fun!!

  3. I am so doing this! We made a shoe box semi -truck and it was a huge hit. We also made a city;)
    Way cute idea- love the castle from a while back too ;)