Toilet Paper Roll Castle

We made these today and it was super easy and super fun! The kidlets used their actions figures and peg dolls to play with them later.

4 empty toilet paper rolls (can use cardstock/construction paper too!)
1 pipe cleaner (for flag pole)
1 scrap of paper for flag
assorted stickers and decoration
Marker (to color a door on)


(Before you begin, it is a good idea to wipe (rubbing with your fingers) all the excess tissue of each roll)

1. Assemble your castle by gluing/taping the four rolls together. (We taped ours together on the bottom and top) Cut divets into the tops of two of the rolls to create the towers ( I am blanking on their formal name).

2. Cut a length of pipe cleaner for the flag pole

3. Fold a scrap of paper in half and cut out a triangle for the flag (you can can have more than one of course, we just chose to do one)

5. Go wild with stckers and decoration on your castle! Don't forget windows and a castle door.

5. Adhere your flag to your pole and adhere that to your castle on the inside of the four rolls. You are done! Play to your hearts content.


  1. Thank you for sharing Michelle! This is a great idea! I have so many toilet paper rolls saved because everyone I know saves them for me. Sadly, I'm known as the toilet paper roll Queen! LOL:0)

  2. This is a cute idea! I think I'm gonna try it with mine today.

  3. such a cute idea!!

  4. Anonymous12:29 PM

    You've got your mind on castle huh?
    I am working on the cake design today!

  5. Those are adorable. I think my daughter would love them.

  6. Michelle, my oldest would absolutely LOVE this project! She is forever collecting toilet tissue rolls and it makes me crazy, hehe. She always has a project to do with them but never does anything so they clutter her room. I'm going to collect them all and have the girls do this project this weekend...thanks for the idea!

  7. This is such a super cute idea! I think my 3-year will love it. It looks so simple and easy. I guess it's time to start saving toilet paper tubes. :)

  8. I was right - my daughter did love it when I showed her the picture. We made one this morning. It was interesting because she was looking at the one you made and telling me what we needed for ours. Thanks for the easy, fun craft - just the kind I love!

  9. I love this idea - so simple yet fun!

    They're turrets I believe and I've always wanted to sleep in one.

  10. The towers are called turrets (small ones projecting from buildings. Technically, these ones are just towers,) but the grooves are called crenelations. Sorry to splash my geek-itude all over you though! I just did this with my daughter and niece. I'll try and send you my post link once I write it up!