Construction Paper Catepillar

This project is a sure fire winner with kids, and a perfect companion craft to Eric Carle's The Hungry Caterpillar. Have you been to his website? They have a free craft/idea section for his books!

This craft is so easy and has a lot of reward for very little effort! Be sure to grab these essentials before you begin:

-Construction paper in various colors
-Glue Stick (or other adhesive)
- Paper Cutter or Scissors
-Marker (to draw face)
Here's how to make it!:
Cut strips of Construction paper (we cut ours 2" by 8"...which made it nice and tight). Watch as your son lays them out to make railroad tracks and uses the glue stick as a train...

Have child swipe the glue stick on one end of the strip, and make a loop. (photo shows several loops completed...).

Next, swipe the glue stick on the next strip and before making a loop thread it through the first loop and then close the loop! Repeat several times with your strips until you reach your desired caterpillar's length. (we did 7-8 strips).

It should start to look like this! (We drew our face on before it was completed, but that's optional!)

After you have made your Caterpillar body, cut two small strips of construction paper for the antenna...

Curl them around the end of a pencil to get them nice and curvy...

And lastly, glue your antenna to the top of your caterpillar's head! If you haven't already, draw a face on the little guy (or gal)!

Have fun mommies!


  1. Super cute! We love "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", maybe I can even get my husband to do this with the kids.

    I didn't realize his website had crafts, thanks for sharing!

  2. That site is awesome huh? My daughter had a very hungry caterpillar bday party- actually a Very Hungry Carmendee bday party. It was super fun! That site was alot of help.

  3. This is just so cute! Thanks for the link:0)

  4. that is a cute idea and a fab link too!

  5. SO CUTE! Can't wait to make it with my little ones. What a great find...I didn't know he had a website.

  6. Really cute, Michelle. What a great way to take a paper chain and turn it into fun!

  7. We're so going to do this for this coming week! My daughter will love it!!

  8. ooh, we will be trying this one soon-thanks for sharing!