Life Hack: Positive Reinforcement with Kids (shhh..It Works For You Too!)

We are trying to teach little dude and little miss some important life principles guided by our faith in God. We are reading a great book* and memorizing bible verses about selflessness and obedience and what it means to love as God loves. There are lots of concepts and verses we want our kids to remember. So why not type 'em up, laminate 'em...

And put 'em where the kidlets are at least once a day...

And then put some more, higher up, so Mommy and Daddy can be encouraged too!

Every day...

*The awesome book we are reading is a book titled: Say Goodbye to Complaining, Whining and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller. So far, it's a fantastic book that I highly suggest you check out for yourself!


  1. What a great little tool! I was just thinking the other day that my daughter is at the age of soaking so much in and it would be nice for her to start learning some Scripture. She's got the Sunday School songs down! Love how you made them cute and put them in the tub. Genius!

  2. Great idea, making them into a bath book. I would have never thought of that. Thanks for the book rec too. Maybe I'll request it from the library. Truthfully, we could all stand to cut down on the whining and compaining in this house, myself included.

  3. What did you write on the cards?

  4. We used scripture from ephesians 6:1-4 and another about "considering others better than ourselves" and then we used two to three quotes from the parenting book I mentioned in the post. The book focuses on biblical parenting and uses honor as a way to teach biblical principles!