Mucky Goo: "A How To" Post

Mucky Goo...Is it Sensory...Is it Science? I don't know...But, it is sure to have your kidlets saying "eeeeeewwwwwww" with a smile on thier face! This recipe comes to you straight from my kids preschool and we did it today at home and it was a huge hit (there were lots of "eewww's" and giggles).

For this potentially messy project, you'll need:

- 1/4 cup School Glue
-1/4 liquid starch
- 4-5 drops of food coloring
- a low wide pan for mixing ( a used pie tin perhaps)
- plastic baggies (to store it in)
-newspaper or dropcloth in case of spills

To start, prepare the area you will be working in. We lined our table with Newsprint and two low wide bowls (I would have used a pie tin...but we didn't have any, so I lined a 9" cake pan with aluminum foil!)

Pour 1/4 cup liquid starch in the pan...

Add 1/4 cup school glue

Drop in some food coloring (remind your kidlets: "No touching!" till everything is added!)

Time to get gooey! Let you kids explore with their hands! Mix, mix, mix! I really encouraged my kids to get in there with their hands and they loved it!

To save their muck, and have fun later too, we poured the muck into reclosable ziploc baggies. I still had them sit at the table with the baggies (even though it was less messy), because I was afraid one might split open!

Be prepared for some eeewwy, gooey fun!


  1. eeewwwww!!! LOVE IT. will save this one for this summer.

  2. I love goo! I mean my kids love goo. hehe

  3. ooooooooo, that looks really fun. love it.

  4. Looks like so much fun. Maybe an outside project today, as it is beautiful!!

  5. What a fun project. Maybe a great one for doing outside on the picnic table as it is so beautiful today!

  6. Fun! Can you believe I have a boy that doesn't really like to get his hands messy? But I do!

  7. So much fun! We did this when I taught 5th grade and talking about physical science...the kids got a kick out of it!