Muffin Tin Meals Aren't Just For Mondays

(Chicken Mickey Nuggets, BBQ Sauce, Cantaloupe, Green Grapes, and Cheese Circles)

Mickey Mouse made his way into our meal time today(Disney has their hand in everything I guess!) as we feasted on a muffin tin meal on a day other than Monday. We love to have Muffin Tin Meals on days other than Mondays...especially if there was a theme that week - it just takes less thinking and I can whip it up in a matter of minutes! Cantaloupe (pictured above) has become a household staple and my kids beg for it at almost every meal! I don't mind! I love cantaloupe too!

Don't Forget: Next Week's Muffin Tin Monday Theme is from our color series: Orange!!


  1. I love that idea!

    Yes, I did get the DVD, and I am so sorry I forgot to leave you a thank you note! I gave it to my daughter for Christmas and she LOVED it! Thanks, again, so very much!

  2. I couldnt figure out what the white circles were... I see now - cheese... fun!

  3. looking forward to actually making next week's theme!

  4. I think that is rather inventive!!! X.