Preschool Math: Early Counting

I am still working up a plan for all those yougurt cups...so if any of you have come up with more ideas - I am still accepting them! I will post that project soon, I promise.

Today is a little preschool activity that involves early counting (numbers 1-10...or in our case numbers 1-6). I used game pieces from one of the kids games. Aren't these bees so cute? I only had enough bees to do numbers 1-6 so that's why we stopped short of 10!

Here's what you do:

cut up several peices of cardstock (according to the size of your pieces) and number them 1-6. Lay them out as shown. Gather your game pieces from around the house. It is preferable that your pieces be the same shape, color and size. But if not, I say, work with what you got. The dollar store might be a great place to look if you don't have any resouces at home.

Some examples of pieces

-legos (same color and size)


-wooden or plastic blocks

-cotton balls or q-tips

-small food items like baby carrots or cherry tomatoes

Here's a little video of my daughter doing this activity last night. Since this video she's already played with it twice!


  1. Ok, so what game do those bees go to? They are sooo stinkin' cute!

  2. Simple, but fun and appealing. I love it!

  3. I love this idea. My daughter is just now getting into counting, so this would work great. I'll have to dig through my games to see what I have on hand. ;) It's the simple things like this that are so genius!

  4. We have those bees! I've wanted to throw them away so many times because I always miss one when we put them away and it ends up under my foot, and it hurts!
    Why I haven't thought about using them to count is beyond me. Thanks for the idea!

  5. I LOVE the idea and the bees....any chance you remember where you got them??...My class theme is "Busy Bees Threes"...always looking for bees!....my email is k4rnr@yahoo.com

  6. Any chance you remember where you got the bees??...My class theme is "Busy Bees Threes"...I totally love this idea and I am always looking for anything Bee!! k4rnr@yahoo.com

  7. Very cute bees and wonderful idea!