Shameless Plug: Product Series - Color & Shapes Bingo

While I am positive you could find a way to make this on your own, for $9.99, I think this particular children's game is a great buy! As I have said before, Lakeshore Learning puts out quality products for children. And this game is no exception. It's simple, fun, and educational (and kids ages 3-5 really love it!). What's more, you can alter the game to just focus on matching (leaving out all the other cards). Color and Shapes Bingo promotes color recognition, shape recognition, vocabulary building, and much more!

Here are a few photos of our kids and their cousins enjoying this game!


  1. i am going to be doing some shameless plugs too soon. what company are you working for? i am always interested in learning more about blog advertising!

    especially in THIS current economy!

    oh and i love this game. we HEART Lakeshore!

  2. I LOVE that store!! There is one about 40 minutes from me (far enough not to spend too much there and close enough to get domething special when I need it). You are right, they have GREAT products!