Have Fun With Your Man This March!

photo by jasonpearce
Coach and I have a 3 year running tradition...Enjoying the NCAA's March Madness together by filling in a bracket and engaging in a little friendly competition between the two of us.

During our first few years of marriage, March would roll around and I would dread the seeming endless hours of basketball. I knew nothing of the teams or the how's and why's of college basketball. I did however, know one thing. If I wanted to spend time with him over those few days and enjoy more than a few grunts and cursory nods (and a few "you're blocking the TV's"), I needed to find a way to make it fun for me too. Thus, our yearly competition was born! To be honest, I still don't fully understand the divisions and the seeding of the teams. But that's what I have him for and it gives the two of us more to talk about! I do understand the game of basketball and love to watch with Coach and cheer on my "picks".

So...Want to suprise your guy this March by joining in this madness they call NCAA basketball? Head over to to CBS March Madness Central. Print two brackets (one for you and one for him), fill 'em out, and start watching this Thursday on your local CBS station or even online!

Don't know what teams to pick to advance to each round? That's okay, if your husband loves basketball, I'm sure he would love to impart his wisdom to you. If you want to suprise him with your picks, go check out CBS' "Bracketology" for tips to great picks!


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    My husband is not really into sports but this sounds like a wonderful idea for those whose husbands are. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is me and my husband during football season :)

  3. Anonymous6:34 AM

    This reminds me of "fantasy" leagues...which reminds me of a time when a girlfriend tried to create an US Magazine fantasy league. You'd get points each time one of your players or celebrities was on the cover, main article, etc, etc. The league never happened, but it was the first time I ever really understood how a fantasy league works. LOL

  4. I love it! I am one, against 4 total sport fanatics, in my household...this is a great way to join in! Thanks.

  5. Yes, I do miss my husband a bit during March. I have filled out brackets before, but I think I will surprise him this year and print two as you suggested...just for us!

    Lemons to lemonade...that's you!

  6. UG.. conviction! Thanks for you nudge to join the game.