American Taco Salad


I call it American, because I have it on good authority that pretty much any taco salad is American and not Mexican food. Basically, Americans took all the stuff they love about mexican food and mishmashed it together, because well, we love salads!

That being said, this recipe, which I made just the other night, comes to me from my dear friend Alicia and is so easy peasy. It was a huge hit with my in-laws who are very picky eaters! There are many variations on this particular recipe and I tried looking on the web for ALicia's particular version and it couldn't be found. So I am bringing it to you!

American Taco Salad

Serves: 4


~ 1 lb lean ground beef, ( I use between 3-8% fat)
~ 1 pkg taco seasoning (we used lawry's)
~ 1 bottle Tangy/Sweet n' Spicy French Dressing (can also use Catalina)
~ 8 cups Iceberg Lettuce, chopped (or two bags pre-prepared american style salad)
~ 2 cups shredded cheese (cheddar or pre-shredded mexican blend)
~ 1 bunch of green onions (diced)
~ 2 salad size tomatoes (diced)
~ 1 bag Nacho Cheese Doritos


~Cut the lettuce, tomatoes and onions and set aside (or put back in fridge to chill)
~Shred the cheese if needed and set aside
~In a large bowl, mix the taco seasoning into the ground beef before it's cooked.
~In a large skillet, cook the ground beef until it is crumbly
~Crush a large amount of Doritos and set aside (I kind of eye balled this for my preference)
~In another large bowl :), combine lettuce,cheese, onions, tomatoes, meat, and 2/3 bottle of dressing (use more if desired).
~Top with crushed Doritos

Tips, Tricks, & Hints:

~Ingredients can be prepared ahead of time and combined at the last minute, for any easy peasy dinner or quick lunch!
~I put our crushed Doritos on the table, in a bowl and not directly in the salad to prevent it from getting soggy.
~ Is perfect alone, but if you have voracious eaters, serve Spanish rice or beans on the side (or double the recipe)

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  1. Michelle~
    Thanks for linking with Alicia's yummy looking Taco Salad recipe. Taco Salad is one of my faves and I enjoy trying new variations on the theme. YUM!

  2. This sounds similar to the one I make, I just recently had taco salad with Doritos in it instead of regular tortilla chips and I have to say that made it very tasty! Thanks for sharing, I think I'll try adding my seasoning when you do to see if it makes a difference in taste. We just follow the directions on the package and make regular taco meat for ours.

  3. Oh yeah, this is the BEST! We usually add in some black beans too, but the doritos are what puts this salad over :)