In Awe of His Majesty

Earth Day is tomorrow and in honor of that, look who God brought to visit us in our backyard? Perched atop our fence was this beautiful hawk...any idea what kind of hawk it is? Or maybe it is another species of bird...


  1. Breathtaking!

    Looks like a Red Tailed Hawk to me, but I'm not a hawk expert.

    What a wonderful blessing to see such splendor.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. WOW.. I have no idea... but him looking right at me would have freaked me out!!! :o)

  3. don't know anything about what kind of bird it is, but that's a great photo!

  4. they are so pretty especially when flying!

    we have a hawks nest in our neighbors yard!

    I can't ever focus enough to get a picture but every night from 1am - 3 am our owl stands on our mailbox and hoots non stop!! he is soo huge!!!

  5. Wow. I am not a huge fan of birds, so I don't know...but even though I'm not a fan...he is spectacular.

  6. it is a red-tailed hawk, and what a great picture of one, they ae really cool animals to watch. We have alot of them aorund our area, and I have seen them just sit on apost and watch us for a bit. HOpefully you will see yours again:-)

  7. How beautiful. We have had hawks, or falcons--I can never tell--in our trees behind us, but never this close.

  8. Wow! And I thought my blooming flowers today were impressive. Simply beautiful!

    God's Shining Stars
    Creative and Curious Kids!

  9. Anonymous9:28 PM

    That is amazing! Thank you Lord for beautiful creations!

  10. I am pretty sure that is an Oh-my-gosh-that-bird-is-huge-and-can-totally-peck-your-eyes-out-if-you-go-outside Hawk. I think they are indigenous to five mile radius to me.